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Monthly archives for July, 2012

The 1st step to loosing 2nd Amendment...

This coming week the UN is set to meet to agree on an international arms treaty on “small arms,” called the ATT. The treaty was engineered by Hillary Clinton, and is the second shot from the Obama White House to covertly take our 2nd Amendment rights away through indirect means. The first was of course the “Fast & Furious” program that wa [...]

CD Defense M4 Rifle Free BlackHawk! G...

CD Defense AR-15 556x45 16" 6-pos 30rd
Black Label Tactical. is pleased to bring you this special purchase opportunity from CD Defense – the D-M4LE semi-automatic rifle. For a limited time, purchase this rifle and you’ll receive a free BLACKHAWK! sling, sling mount, trigger guard, and rifle case – a $130 retail value – absolutely FREE. This offer is only available while supplies [...]

EA Medal of Honor Warfighter Magpul P...

Medal of Honor Warfighter
Medal of Honor Warfighter is partnering with Magpul, makers of rifle magazines, weapon components, accessories, and complete firearm designs. Magpul products have been featured in every single image and video EA released since they first announced the game! Medal of Honor Warfighter is slated to be released on all [...]