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Monthly archives for March, 2014

Is your KRISS Vector charging handle ...

Is your KRISS Vector charging handle tough to pull?
There have been a few complaints from recent KRISS Vector owners over the past year regarding the charging handles of their KRISS Vectors. Here is a recent home video of a KRISS Vector SBR owner and his charging handle problems. KRISS Arms reply is this:

Tavor Cutaway model

A Tavor was cut to show the inner workings. Shown here. Come get your Tavor here.

Shooter’s Mindset chats with KR...

Shooter’s Mindset chats with KRISS USA
An interesting discussion about KRISS, Sphinx, and Krytac. Go here to get your KRISS Vector.

Jerry Miculek rocks the P90

Jerry Miculek rocks the P90
Check out Jerry having some fun with the new Targabot robotic targets and his FN P90.  

Full Auto shenanigans and 50rd 9mm Dr...

I got to try out the Black Label Tactical Full Auto Glock and 22 LR converted AR, also full auto. The Glock was a Gen 1 Glock 17 converted with a full auto sear. The AR is a Spike’s lower with select fire sear. We used the SGMT 9mm Gock 50rd drum mag which is available here.

Battle Rifle showdown

Jim Grant over at compares to battle rifles. As a SCAR 17 owner, thanks to Black Label Tactical, I am a little biased to the awesome weapon that is the SCAR 17. Click here to see his comparison

9mm Saiga AK at IWA

9mm Saiga AK at IWA
IWA is like the SHOT Show for Europe. Saiga has been dancing around the idea of a 9mm AK. Well they finally brought one out. No idea on cost or availability.

Prop KRISS Vector SMG

Prop KRISS Vector SMG
Damn, $595 for a rubber prop gun? Who pays these prices? The KWA Airsoft KRISS Vector SMG is cheaper and functional.