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Monthly archives for May, 2014

Aim Small, Miss Small

Jerry Miculek shoots a grape in half a second with an AR.

How .22LR Ammo is Made

Wonder about the .22LR shortage? Well it isnt the ammo manufacturers. Blame your greedy neighbors. They are the ones hoarding rimfire. Some of them are even flipping them and selling bricks for ridiculous amounts. We are to blame for the price increase. If the demand goes down, supply will come back up. According to the video, CCI makes 4 mil [...]

PA Attorney General gets rid of Utah ...

A couple days ago gun blogs have been reporting that Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General has rescinded Utah Conceal Carry License reciprocity. What does this mean? If you have a Utah License to Carry, it is no longer recognized in the state of PA. The same goes for PA LTCF. It is no longer recognized in Utah. Give her office a call a [...]

Pros and Cons of Pistol Sights

Chris Costa talks about RMRs and red dots on pistols.

DIY 10/22 bumpfire stock

This guy made his 10/22 even MORE fun.