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Airsoft Rail Salient Arms AR-15

Airsoft Rail Salient Arms AR-15
In the past couple months, Salient Arms International sold matched uppers and lowers. They were on sale for $350. I bought a set and in the past two weeks, built my poorman’s version of the Salient Tier 1 AR-15. For those not familiar with the Tier 1, here is a review. I used a spare Troy Carbine as a donor for most of the parts. Harve [...]

Hilux Micromax B-Dot red dot sight

My friend Timothy Yan wrote a review of the Hilux Micromax Bdot. It is better than the Aimpoint Micro T2. Because of price and durability. It has a 2MOA dot, 55K hour battery life, tethered turret caps, spare battery storage, and extreme temperature tests.   Hi-Lux MicroMax B-Dot Specification: Type:  Mini red-dot sight Size: 2.5″x1.4″ [...]