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Desert Tech MDR Prototype

Check out this functioning MDR by desert tech. Didn’t know it was forward ejecting. Pretty cool.  

GSG & ATI Sue H&K over MP5 ...

GSG & ATI Sue H&K over MP5 design
Some really interesting Lawyering is happening. GSG and ATI are suing H&K over the design of the MP5. They claim H&K doesnt own the design of the MP5. Breaking News was from The Firearm Blog.

Obama Bans AK-47s with Executive Orde...

On Wednesday, Barack Obama used his powerful pen to effectively ban AK-47s, and other Kalashnikov Russian-made imports, indefinitely. This will include the import of parts and accessories so it affects current owners as well as those looking to make a new purchase. If you like your gun, you can keep it. Just don’t expect to be getting [...]

Every Silencer by SilencerCo

The Conquest by SilencerCo. It is only $20k. Seems like a lot, but you save about $7,800 if you bought them individually. So who’s with me and wants to pitch in? Maybe we should have a kickstarter for this haha.    

PA Attorney General gets rid of Utah ...

A couple days ago gun blogs have been reporting that Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General has rescinded Utah Conceal Carry License reciprocity. What does this mean? If you have a Utah License to Carry, it is no longer recognized in the state of PA. The same goes for PA LTCF. It is no longer recognized in Utah. Give her office a call a [...]

Magpul M-LOK, watch out Keymod!

Looks like Magpul is competing against Keymod with their newly announced M-LOK system. For more info check out the article on Soldier Systems Daily

First impressions of the Sig Sauer MC...

  Truth About Guns takes a close look at Sig’s new MCX rifle.    

AAC being killed off?

TTAG’s source has indicated that The Freedom Group will be merging AAC and Tapco into one accessories company.  To find out more go to TTAG.

Tracking Point AR series


MDT LSS Chassis for Mossberg MVP

MDT LSS Chassis for Mossberg MVP
  Modular Driven Technologies has a pre-order up for their LSS Chassis system. They are making it for the 223 Mossberg MVP. You can use an AR buffer tube and put on any AR style stock you want as well as use any AR grip you desire. Get your MVP here