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9mm Subgun comparison MP5 Clone, CZ S...

I test drive the Zenith Firearms Z-5RS pistol against my CZ Scorpion Evo3 pistol and Sterling MK4 carbine.

Airsoft Rail Salient Arms AR-15

Airsoft Rail Salient Arms AR-15
In the past couple months, Salient Arms International sold matched uppers and lowers. They were on sale for $350. I bought a set and in the past two weeks, built my poorman’s version of the Salient Tier 1 AR-15. For those not familiar with the Tier 1, here is a review. I used a spare Troy Carbine as a donor for most of the parts. Harve [...]

Testing HMMWV Bullet Proof Glass

Got some bullet proof glass for free yesterday. It took a little internet deduction but we found out it is the front windshield for a Hummer. My friend and I took it to the range and tested it. We actually got three panels. We each kept a clean one and I took the shot up one home as well. We shot 9mm, 40S&W, 12 ga slug, .556, and .308 at [...]

First impressions of the Sig Sauer MC...

  Truth About Guns takes a close look at Sig’s new MCX rifle.    

Battle Rifle showdown

Jim Grant over at compares to battle rifles. As a SCAR 17 owner, thanks to Black Label Tactical, I am a little biased to the awesome weapon that is the SCAR 17. Click here to see his comparison