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ATI’s Omni Hybrid AR Pistol



At only $599.99 this is rather interesting. It uses the Omni Hybrid polymer lower.

According to

The all new Omni-Hybrid Pistol design utilizes the Omni-Hybrid lower receiver; a fiberglass-composite polymer over a zinc metal insert. Designed to give extra strength in the high-pressure sections, the Omni-Hybrid lower surpasses military pressure and weight-bearing testing.

The unique manufacturing process of the lower receiver produces a lighter weight platform, with the total weight of the Omni-Hybrid stripped lower being 8 ounces, a half-ounce lighter than a traditional aluminum AR lower.

Also included with the Omni-Hybrid AR-15 Pistol is a 7-inch buffer tube, a 7-inch free float quad rail, a 7-inch barrel. The pistol weighs just 4.75 pounds.