Guns, Guns and More Guns!

Arrested for words. Don’t write...

Arrested for words. Don’t write the word “GUN”
A student was arrested because he used the word “gun” in a school assignment.¬† He wrote a fictitious story of killing a pet dinosaur with a gun. For the sake of safety, he was arrested. Check out the article here.

Lantac Muzzle Brake Gun Porn

It is so beautiful. Slow motion of rifles firing in the rain. J.J. Abrams-esque lens flare. It is glorious.

Building AK-47 Magazines

Matra Group is based in Bosnia and makes steel AK mags. Check out their manufacturing video.

Obama Bans AK-47s with Executive Orde...

On Wednesday, Barack Obama used his powerful pen to effectively ban AK-47s, and other Kalashnikov Russian-made imports, indefinitely. This will include the import of parts and accessories so it affects current owners as well as those looking to make a new purchase. If you like your gun, you can keep it. Just don’t expect to be getting [...]

H&K MP5K Briefcase

Are you legitimate business man who is concerned about protection? You could conceal your HK MP5K in a briefcase. Sure it is concealed but that inhibits access to the firearm. Well don’t fret! H&K has the solution for you. You only have seconds or less to respond to a deadly threat. Drawing a weapon from concealment is just too time [...]

Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Comp

Strike Industries has an interesting compensator. It does not hide muzzle flash and does nothing for side port blasts. However it does seem to manage recoil and muzzle climb.   It retails for $59.95.      

Every Silencer by SilencerCo

The Conquest by SilencerCo. It is only $20k. Seems like a lot, but you save about $7,800 if you bought them individually. So who’s with me and wants to pitch in? Maybe we should have a kickstarter for this haha.    

ATI’s Omni Hybrid AR Pistol

  At only $599.99 this is rather interesting. It uses the Omni Hybrid polymer lower. According to The all new Omni-Hybrid Pistol design utilizes the Omni-Hybrid lower receiver; a fiberglass-composite polymer over a zinc metal insert.¬†Designed to give extra strength in the high-pressure sections, the Omni-Hybrid lower [...]

Testing HMMWV Bullet Proof Glass

Got some bullet proof glass for free yesterday. It took a little internet deduction but we found out it is the front windshield for a Hummer. My friend and I took it to the range and tested it. We actually got three panels. We each kept a clean one and I took the shot up one home as well. We shot 9mm, 40S&W, 12 ga slug, .556, and .308 at [...]

Aim Small, Miss Small

Jerry Miculek shoots a grape in half a second with an AR.