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9mm Subgun comparison MP5 Clone, CZ S...

I test drive the Zenith Firearms Z-5RS pistol against my CZ Scorpion Evo3 pistol and Sterling MK4 carbine.

GSG & ATI Sue H&K over MP5 ...

GSG & ATI Sue H&K over MP5 design
Some really interesting Lawyering is happening. GSG and ATI are suing H&K over the design of the MP5. They claim H&K doesnt own the design of the MP5. Breaking News was from The Firearm Blog.

H&K MP5K Briefcase

Are you legitimate business man who is concerned about protection? You could conceal your HK MP5K in a briefcase. Sure it is concealed but that inhibits access to the firearm. Well don’t fret! H&K has the solution for you. You only have seconds or less to respond to a deadly threat. Drawing a weapon from concealment is just too time [...]

H&K 97: Civilian MP7 pistol

  Alex, over at The Firearm Blog, reviews the H&K 97. I hope this is not an April Fool’s joke. Check out the review at The Firearm Blog