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Magpul M-LOK, watch out Keymod!

Looks like Magpul is competing against Keymod with their newly announced M-LOK system. For more info check out the article on Soldier Systems Daily

Sound the bells PMAGS M3 are coming!

The time is near… The PMAG M3 is right around the corner. Addressing all the M2 issues and annoyances. Fully compatible with AR15/M16, HK 416, M27 IAR, British SA-80, FN SCAR MK 16/16S, and others the Magpul PMAG M3 will be your one stop for 5.56 mags. Being a big HK and SCAR fan I can’t wait for this to be released! The Magpul P [...]

EA Medal of Honor Warfighter Magpul P...

Medal of Honor Warfighter
Medal of Honor Warfighter is partnering with Magpul, makers of rifle magazines, weapon components, accessories, and complete firearm designs. Magpul products have been featured in every single image and video EA released since they first announced the game! Medal of Honor Warfighter is slated to be released on all [...]

Army Clarifies Misunderstood Magpul P...

Magpul Pmag
The Army has decided to rescind its ban on the high-performance (and highly popular) commercial PMAG, reports. A few months ago, the Army released a statement explaining that government-issued aluminum magazines were the only magazines authorized for use in the M4 and M16. This didn’t sit particularly well with troops, as we exp [...]